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​Born and raised in Germany, Juliane moved to The Netherlands to receive her degrees at the Conservatory of Amsterdam until she eventually made her way to Los Angeles in the summer of 2012.

There she can be found on trombones (bass, tenor and contrabass) and tuba, playing concerts on open air stages and in tucked away places... jazz clubs, theatres, gorgeous halls and exclusive studios are her home. In a city as huge and diverse as Los Angeles it's difficult and redundant to choose one genre to belong to - so why not do it all, toss boundaries and make music and connect with musicians across stylistic borders?

It is certainly rewarding trying to make it in a city that creates and buries dreams as regularly as the sun disappears behind Mulholland Drive.

Juliane has played with artists ranging from Quincy Jones, Jeff Hamilton and John Clayton to Lady Gaga, Adele and the Dirty Projectors as well as recording in the famous LA studios for TV, Motion Pictures and Award shows.


She truly is fortunate, though – with  a thorough education, strong values, a thick skin and an open yet quick mind she found her place in a work environment that is nothing short of ever inspiring.

Complimentary to music Juliane loves the Culinary Arts and enjoys running and getting her butt kicked on the mats.

Photo by Mehdi Hassine

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